My practice began about 15 years ago. However, in the early years, my yoga practice was to mentally “check out" and be physical rather than checking in with myself. After a few injuries and life events, there was an immediate need for mindful self-inquiry practice, and my new relationship with yoga and meditation began after the first decade.

With over 800 hours of training in yoga, I am interested in body movement as a process for personal healing and liberation, and how we can further transform that process into a deeper collective connection, and towards a better course of action every day.

I am a proud graduate of Trauma-informed yoga training with Prison Yoga Project, Off the Mat Into the World's social justice and leadership training, and Functional Range Conditioning's mobility program.

I credit to and am forever grateful for many teachers I've studied with over the years. I currently am most inspired by Marla Apt, Noah Mazé, Brea Johnson from Heart and Bones Yoga, their teachers, and more.

I am always a student of yoga first, teacher second.