Current offerings as of Feb 2022  

Mid-week Equilibrium at Zoom
Wednesday from 5:30-6:45Restorative yoga practice nurtures and regulates the body's parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible and necessary for rest, digestion, and restoration of health to optimal levels. We will be moving slowly and mindfully, holding passive poses for a long duration of time, and grounding poses to find support from the earth. Rather than finding our edge or chasing sensations, we will find ourselves being ok with wherever we are, and dive into the deep and quiet inner peace or equilibrium every Wednesday evening.(click here to register. Each class will be recorded and the recordings will be sent after class.)

In-person Lunchtime Yoga Bliss Equilibrium at the Wild Plum
Thursday from 12-1 PM 
Carve out some time out of your day, unplug for an hour to join this intentionally-sequenced practice for self-care, and the stilling of the fluctuating mind. Expect new ideas to move, and to build awareness and freedom in your body in the first half of the class. The other half is designed to prepare the rest of the day at work or other responsibilities with nourishment and ease. This class is suitable for all levels including those new to yoga.

In-person Classes at One life Yoga
1365 N Hill Ave #1359, Pasadena, CA 91104

Wednesday at 9-10 AM Gentle Yoga
This class is appropriate for new beginners, those who want to refine yoga fundamentals and those who want to experience the beauty of interoceptive awareness to nurture a quiet mind. The goal of each class is joint movement, mobility improvement and deep rejuvenation.

Thursday at 7:30-8:30 PM Mobility (In-person & Livestream)
This class integrates daily human movements and traditional yoga postures in a sustainable way. Each class’ sequence explores new ways to move, and offers functional alignment-based yoga asanas while actively building strength and freedom. Infusing range conditioning techniques, exercises for healthy joints, and yoga postures, you will explore new ways to tap into physical body awareness, and new possibilities within.

Heisue is a knowledgeable and very adaptive yoga instructor. No matter what level you are, she makes her class a welcoming and inclusive space. She brings in her own personal flare into the practice, sometimes using quirky food related analogies. She is challenging yet fun and so passionate about yoga. I feel lucky to have crossed paths with this fellow human and anyone else who does should feel fortunate as well.
-Elle T.

It has been my privilege and pleasure to have Heisue Chung as my instructor in my “revisit” to yoga practice at age 75. Heisue is a natural teacher. She explains, she demonstrates, she supports and inspires, all with the grace, calm, and warmth that her own yoga practice has brought to her caring interactions with her students. You can feel her respect for those who taught her as she helps her own students in their journey to the benefits of yoga. I recommend Heisue without hesitation in giving that advice.
-Richard H.

Heisue has helped me connect with yoga beyond the physical aspects and every class I learn something new. Her approach to yoga has given me the tools to be so much more aware of my body, inside and out, and it's changed the way I incorporate movement in my daily life.
-Alejandra E.

Heisue is an incredible instructor. The instruction level was perfect for a beginner like me. The pacing of the class was great. It wasn't too fast nor was it too slow. The props used added an extra bit of magic to poses I would already do in my other yoga class. I look forward to the next class with great delight. 100 out of 5 stars if possible. Thank you very much!
-David R.

I’m so grateful for each class I take with Heisue. Her calm demeanor and understanding smile allow me to relax and focus. Heisue’s classes are so intentional and informative. I learn new poses, adjustments, and connections that I can bring to my practice. When class focuses on a body part, it feels like physical therapy! She also shares her knowledge of the history and meaning of yoga in a way that makes it applicable to everyday life. I’m always challenged in her class, but never pressured or judged. Her approach keeps me returning to learn and grow.
-Lauren V.

Heisue is a thoughtful and warm yoga instructor.  She cares deeply about the history and practice of yoga and incorporates that into every session.  She is thoughtful about sharing the goal of a sequence, using metaphors to describe how a new pose or variation should feel, and she proactively offers alternatives for people with different needs.  Every class with Heisue feels like you're sharing a (yoga) journey together.
-Stephanie L.

I had the good fortune of taking yoga classes from Heisue on an ongoing basis. Her combination of academic curiosity, knowledge, experience and kindness makes her an exceptional yoga instructor. Fortunately I was able to contract her to inaugurate the yoga center of a regenerative farm and retreat facility in the country of Guatemala whereby I and countless others have been blessed by her presence.
-Glenn L. MD, MPH  

I started practicing yoga for the first time two months ago with Heisue. Heisue is a great yoga teacher. She teaches Gentle Yoga which is slow-paced and very appropriate for individuals who do not enjoy fast-paced yoga. One can tell how passionate Heisue is in her work. She takes the time to explain the asanas very thoroughly and talks them through. She is caring, attentive, professional, and always has a smile on her face. She pays attention to students’ challenges and offers alternative ways to practice the asanas. I absolutely enjoy my class with Heisue and would recommend it to anyone who is new to yoga or is not looking for fast-paced yoga.
-Gina S.

Toolbox Practice

Each Toolbox Practice class will integrate daily body movements and traditional yoga postures in a sustainable way. I am interested in creating new ways to move. I offer functional yoga asanas that actively build strength and body mobility. Through range conditioning techniques, joint exercises and yoga postures (asana), we will explore new ways to tap into physical body awareness and the new possibilities within.

Why Toolbox?

Every household needs a “toolbox” not necessarily to repair something, but to maintain it. Your body is your home. I named this program Toolbox Practice because I want you to create your own toolbox to maintain your healthy joints and body and to “upgrade” your wellness routine with longevity in mind. Maybe you already have tools in your box. Let’s refine it. Let’s sharpen your tools and make them more efficient. Remember, good and well-invested toolboxes last a long time. 

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